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Alcoa honors Bindjareb community in Western Australia with office renaming


At Alcoa, we recognize and respect the diversity, cultures, customs and values of the world’s indigenous people.

In support of this commitment, our team in Western Australia recently worked with the Bindjareb community to rename our regional office to recognize them as the Traditional Owners of the land on which our regional office sits in the town of Pinjarra.

The hundreds of employees who visit the administrative office will now be reminded of Alcoa’s ongoing work of reconciliation, supported by our indigenous people's policy.

The renaming follows consultation with local Traditional Owner families, representatives of which attended a special event on Tuesday, August 3, to mark the milestone. The Bindjareb community delivered a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony and shared histories.

The renaming to Bindjareb Office forms part of Alcoa’s commitment to build greater respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through increased understanding and recognition of their cultures, histories, knowledge and rights. This is a key commitment of the Alcoa of Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan, published in February 2020.

“Renaming this office is one small step on our journey toward reconciliation and we thank the Bindjareb people for allowing us to do so,” said Alcoa of Australia President Michael Gollschewski. “We cannot change the past, but it is important the truth telling continues so we can understand and learn from past wrongs and be better together in the future.”

Before the smoking ceremony conducted as part of the building’s renaming, Theo Kearing, a local Bindjareb man, explained the significance of this traditional activity.

“The meaning of a Smoking Ceremony is to cleanse and bring good energy. We wish good energy for Alcoa and all of you here,” Mr Kearing said. “We hope this ceremony brings Alcoa an amazing journey with this building...Thank you for having us out here and thank you for calling this office, Bindjareb.”

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