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Strike at Alcoa’s Mosjøen smelter in Norway commences


A strike at Alcoa’s Mosjøen smelter in Norway began today, August 22, 2022, after a collective agreement between Industri Energi and Norsk Industri was not reached by the agreed-upon deadline.

The strike action is being implemented at several industrial plants that represent the Norwegian electrochemical industry. While the labor negotiations cover multiple locations, individual sites included in the strike action have their own Controlled Reduction Agreements. The agreements outline actions once the strike begins.

Mosjøen has an annual capacity of 200,000 metric tons of production across five potlines with 404 pots. In the case of Mosjoen, these actions will begin in accordance with its Controlled Reduction Agreement:

  • Deliveries of products from Alcoa Mosjøen will stop until the end of the strike.
  • The Mosjøen location will now work toward a 20 percent reduction in smelter production by September 19, should the strike last that long.
  • If the strike continues past September 19, another 10 percent of production will be curtailed every other week, until 34 of the 404 pots remain operational.
  • The agreement allows either the union or the Company to put certain functions on temporary leave during the strike action, so long as it does not compromise the safe operation of the facility. The union had 17 people who did not report to Mosjoen on the first day of the strike; that number will increase to 35 people on Wednesday, if the strike action continues. Mosjoen employs approximately 550 people, including 444 who are covered by the union agreement with Industri Energi.

Alcoa’s Lista plant in Norway is not included in the strike action at this time.

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